The backbone to any sheet metal fabricator is its spot welding department. To this end, Sureway has twelve resistance welders in the press and rocker arm category. These machines range from 25-100 KVA, have solid state controls and are a snap to setup for new jobs. These are relatively simple machines but are maintained at the same level as our high-end machinery. We have a full complement of tooling including a full array of tooling options for the most complicated of setups. Our talented crew of setup personnel and operators keep your production requirements on track.

In addition to resistance welding, we have extensive MIG and TIG welding capabilities. Starting in the manual department, we have 12 welding cells with a mix of 18 MIG welders and 7 TIG welders. This gives the operator the tools to manage any of the production requirements for his assignment.

From even modest quantities up through long-run production, we offer the advantage of robotic MIG welding. Our current inventory includes three large format machines and a smaller turntable unit. These larger machines consist of a single robot positioned between two platens of approximately 4’ x 10’. The platens can support multiple fixtures or a single large fixture, can be set up to produce multiple items within a single machine envelope, and can even allow fixtures to be mounted on both surfaces. Needless to say, this provides us with great flexibility and our customers with timing and cost benefits.

The engineering group plays a key role here by designing and building simple yet efficient fixtures and templates. With the power of Solidworks and our engineering-centric approach to everything we do, your projects are well-designed and well-executed.