Sureway is proud to be a Midwest-based company, and we know historically that the steel business has always been concentrated here and in surrounding areas. Despite living and working in an increasingly global economy, Sureway is aware of the impact purchasing has on Midwest jobs and the American economy, so we buy from regional suppliers who share our passion for quality. We believe that buying close to home saves on time and fuel and is beneficial to the environment.

We are proud to also have other environmental initiatives in place, such as recycling all of our scrap materials generated throughout our plant and office. After all, steel is the original recyclable material. We pride ourselves on being conscientious. We are constantly looking to reduce our carbon footprint, buying closer to the source and supporting local businesses wherever possible. It could also be said, especially in these times, that “buying locally, thinking globally” is just another of the Fair Business Practices we believe so strongly in.