Sureway Tool & Engineering Company is committed to the safety of our employees and we emphasize that it is our highest priority. We strive to prevent all accidents from occurring at our facilities.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility, and every employee without exception is personally accountable to help and support our safety program. If everyone does their part, Sureway will remain a safe environment to work in. Working together to develop and maintain a safe working environment for
the benefit of all employees, Sureway’s goal is zero accidents and zero injuries.

Sureway’s intent is to be in full compliance with all applicable safety and health laws, rules, standards and regulations.

We train our employees to:

  • Recognize and report hazards for prompt correction.
  • Protect themselves when a hazard cannot be eliminated by wearing personal protective
    equipment, employing safe work practices and use of engineering.
  • Look out for themselves AND everyone else.
  • Look out and report unsafe acts.
  • Understand that no job at Sureway is important enough to risk getting hurt by trying to
    accomplish it.

Sureway is committed to enforcing a safe working environment and takes action by:

  • Establishing annual safety goals
  • Continuous safety training
  • Promoting safety awareness
  • Conducting a thorough investigation of each safety incident to determine root cause and
    implement corrective measures.
  • Remaining in full compliance with requirements set forth by Sureway’s workers
    compensation carrier including successful completion of annual safety audits.