Few things define a fabricator like their forming capabilities. Making flat blanks is the easy part and these can pile up quickly. You don’t want to hear that your parts are held up in forming and we continuously look at work flow to make sure this doesn’t happen. But frankly, with seventeen press brakes, eleven of which are precision hydraulic, your parts are correct from first to last…. and on time. Programmable, repeatable and just pretty to look at, our forming equipment is the best from the best machine builders in the world; Ursviken-Pullmax, Beyeler, Fischer and HACO. These guys know how to make great machines and we know how to use them. From 15 tons up to 330 and bed lengths of 4 feet up to 13, we have you covered. Complex forming, taper bends and deep flanges…no problem. Having great machinery allows us to compete, but our outstanding staff allows us to excel. From the Assistant Supervisor to the Lead Men to the Operators, Quality is Job One. Our forming department is second to none and we invite you to schedule a plant tour to see for yourself.