Sureway Tool & Engineering Company believes in the dignity of every human being and respects individual rights as set forth in the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. We recognize that companies play a supporting role in promoting human rights within their spheres of influence. Sureway contributes to the fulfillment of human rights through compliance with laws and regulations wherever we operate, as well as through our policies.

Sureway is committed to developing an organizational culture which implements a policy of support for human rights, which includes:

  • Designating a senior manager responsible for implementing standards concerning Human Rights.
  • Complying with child labor laws and laws prohibiting any form of forced, bonded, indentured or involuntary labor.
  • Promoting workforce diversity and not discriminating against any employee for reasons such as race, religion, color, age gender, ethnicity, disability, marital status and sexual orientation in addition to any other status protected by law.
  • Not tolerating harassment or harsh or inhumane treatment in the workplace.
  • Keeping a transparent system in place for confidential reporting and dealing with Human Rights impacts without fear of reprisals toward the reporter.
  • Providing compensation and benefits that are competitive and comply with applicable laws for minimum wages, overtime hours and mandated benefits.
  • Encouraging open communication between management and employees.